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Frequently Asked Questions About Painting

If you don't see the answers to your question about painting below, give our Pittsburgh painting company a call. We're happy to assist you with any questions you may have about interior or exterior painting in the Pittsburgh area.

Can you help me choose the colors for my exterior painting project?

It can be hard to choose good colors that work for an exterior painting project, especially if you're dealing with the selection allowed by an HOA or historical society. Rest assured, our painting company is happy to help you choose new colors and we are experts in color matching for historical homes and commercial buildings in Pittsburgh.

Do you provide wallpaper or wall covering installation with your interior painting service?

Some of our customers prefer to install wallpaper or wall covering with their interior painting. We're happy to provide your wallpaper installation as well!

Can you do decorative faux finishes and gold leafing?

Yes. We're your Pittsburgh experts in decorative painting and gold leafing! See our portfolio for examples of subtle wall striping or beautiful woodwork glazing. We're much more than house painters, our professionals are true artists and masters of their trade!

Do you do drywall and plaster repair?

Don't worry about any small areas that need attention before painting! Our craftsmen are experts at repairing areas of your home where cracks have appeared due to settling.

We know what products to apply on different substrates as well as the professional techniques to use in order to smooth the surface. You'll be amazed from start to finish at the quality of the job our painting company performs to make your home look new again!

Can you clean exterior woodwork?

Yes! Whether your home has custom wood molding or exterior decking, our expertise will provide you with long-lasting stain and refinish work to protect the investment you've made in your Pittsburgh home.

How long do you recommend waiting to touch the walls after they've been painted?

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours after the interior painting project has been completed before touching the walls or moving furniture against them.

While many interior paints will dry within an hour, it's best to wait until the finish is fully set. Be sure to ask your painting company how long to wait during service or feel free to give us a call anytime with questions.

Humidity can play a role in how fast an acrylic paint dries and oil-based paints take much longer. If your metal doors are painted or your cabinets are varnished, it's best to wait at least four days.

Why do you have to do pressure washing before painting the exterior?

Our Pittsburgh weather affects many facets on the outside of a home, particularly in the form of grime and algae. Before painting can begin, the surface will most often need cleaned with pressure washing to help the exterior paint to properly adhere to the surface once it's applied. Otherwise, bubbling and peeling can occur.

If you're looking for a professional painting company in the Pittsburgh area, please call Markantone Painting at (412) 825-8001 or complete our online request form.