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Insurance Projects For Water Damage And Wall Repair Service

Pittsburgh Insurance repairs

Markantone Painting is the premier choice for locals looking for professional house painters in Pittsburgh. But did you know that we also offer services for insurance projects, including water damage restoration and wall repair service?

Getting past an event that causes water damage to your home is never easy. Whether the damage results from flooding or a plumbing issue, the incident disrupts your routine and the familiar flow of your household. You need a company that can resolve your problem quickly and restores normalcy to your home.

Getting through the process of filing a claim alone can feel overwhelming. It's good to know you have industry pros who have been down this road before, which can help make the entire process feel a great deal less stressful.

Understanding The Water Damage Recovery And Restoration Process

Insurance projects are among the quality services our company offers. For first-time customers, there is a fee for insurance estimates. If Markantone performs the work at your home the fee amount is credited on the final bill. The job outcome will make it all worthwhile.

Services we perform that will make your home feel beautiful again:

  • Debris removal of water damaged areas to start with a clean slate
  • Antimicrobial application
  • Wall repair patch and restoration
  • Sanding and spackling of joint compound if necessary
  • Wall priming and painting to complete the process

Professional Wall Repair Service

Even minor damages need professional attention to make your walls look as good as new. A single hole needs to be patched before it can be repainted and made to look brand new. No matter how minor or extensive the damage, Markantone Painting is the team for the job.

If not handled correctly, a patch job will not only be noticeable; it will become the focal point of the wall - if not the entire room. A seemingly small repair job can become an eyesore for years to come. Your best bet is to make sure our pros take care of wall repair service for you, from start to finish.

Too many homeowners believe there is a negative correlation between insurance work and botched repair service. You don't have to settle for inferior work just because your insurance carrier is picking up some or all of the bill. Give us a call today to discuss what our team of expert Pittsburgh area house painters can do for you and your insurance project needs.

If you're looking for a professional color consultation and house painter in the Pittsburgh area, please call Markantone Painting at (412) 825-8001 or complete our online request form.