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Professional Wall Covering Removal & Installation

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Have you ever tried to handle the wall covering removal in your Pittsburgh home yourself? If you have, then you understand what a tedious mess it can turn into. Unlike paint, dealing with the wall covering removal is more time consuming since you cannot just paint over it.

Also, you could run into creating wall damage as you tear off the wall covering. Before trying to take it down yourself, you might want to think twice about hiring a wall covering removal service.

You may be wondering if hiring a professional is actually worth it. We can tell you it is because we've helped plenty of homeowners in Pittsburgh who need us to fix their DIY wallpaper removal mess.

Instead of trying to attempt the work yourself, you can make it easy on yourself by calling our Pittsburgh wall covering removal and installation experts! Call Markantone Painting today for a competitive estimate!

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Expert Wall Covering Removal

Regardless of what type of wall covering removal job we need to do, we use only the best techniques to get the job done. We understand all the different adhesives and wallpaper types which have been used throughout all the ages, including in historical homes.

Let us tell you, removing 100 year old wall coverings can be near impossible without damaging the walls. Even professionals must damage the drywall to some degree to remove some wall coverings, especially if someone did a bad DIY installation job before you moved in.

Rest assured, we can get the job done and most often cause no damage. We can inspect the covering and let you know what to expect with the project. Save yourself the hassle because we have the tools and professionals at Markantone Painting who can do the job smoothly, quickly and effectively.

When it comes to wallpaper removal quotes, it oftentimes can be impossible to tell how time-intensive a job will be until it begins. Wallpaper may not come off as easily if the installer applied it incorrectly by forgetting to prime, for instance. For this reason, it is often more cost-effective to charge by the hour and materials used, though wallpaper removal quotes are subject to change at any time.

We Provide Wall Covering Installation Too!

You can ask us to help with the wall covering installation anytime. Our painting company services include wall covering installation and removal for your Pittsburgh home. Our professionals are happy to help you choose paint colors to go with your new wall covering. Hanging wallpaper can be just as hard as removing it. Give us a call today if you need wall covering installation service. We can create a seamless look for your Pittsburgh home!

If you're looking for professional wall covering removal or installation in the Pittsburgh area, please call Markantone Painting at (412) 825-8001 or complete our online request form.